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Leonardo Trivellato Rolla 华磊南

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2004-2008 - Doctorate, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, PhD in Sciences. Advisor: Vladas Sidoravicius. Thesispdf

2003-2004 - Master, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Master in Mathematics. Advisor: Gastão A. Braga. Thesispdf

1999-2003 - Undergraduate, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Bachelor in Computer Mathematics


Since 2014 - “Investigador Adjunto” (Associate Professor, tenured) University of Buenos Aires

2012-2014 - “Investigador Asistente” (Assistant Professor) University of Buenos Aires

2014-2019 - Visiting Assistant Professor, New York University Shanghai 上海纽约大学

2010-2012 - Postdoc, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada

2008-2010 - Postdoc, École Normale Supérieure, Supervisor: Wendelin Werner

2008-2008 - Postdoc, Universidade de São Paulo, Supervisor: Pablo A. Ferrari

Events organized

37th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

Thematic Session on Probability - XXIX Brazilian Mathematics Colloquium 2013

Colóquio Interinstitucional "Modelos Estocásticos e Aplicações"

CIMPA School "Stochastic dynamics of particles and networks" - Mar del Plata 2012

Thematic Session on Probability - XXVIII Brazilian Mathematics Colloquium 2011

Thematic Session on Probability - Argentinean Mathematics Union Annual Meeting 2011


Since 2017 - Member of the Executive Council of Bernoulli Society serving as Membership Secretary

2014-2017 - Editor of Bernoulli Society Bulletin e-Briefs


Research interests: Random Spatial Processes, Percolation, and Particle Systems.

Coauthors: Vladas Sidoravicius, Pablo Groisman, Pablo A. Ferrari, Manuel Cabezas, Laurent Tournier, Maria E. Vares, Gastão A. Braga, Frederico Furtado, J. M. Moreira, Franco Arrejoría, Amine Asselah, Bruno Schapira, Tobias Johnson, Minmin Wang, Chi Nguyen, Olivier Zindy, Daniel Valesin, Bernardo N. B. de Lima, Aurelia Deshayes, Béla Bollobás, Simon Griffiths, Robert Morris, Paul Smith, Roberto Markarian, Fabio A. Tal, Sergey Foss, Enrique Andjel, François Ezanno, Marcelo R. Hilário, Oren Louidor, Charles M. Newman, Scott Sheffield, Ronald Dickman, Donatas Surgailis, Augusto Q. Teixeira, Fernando M. Q. Pereira, Cristiano G. Rezende, Rodrigo R. Carceroni.


The quasi-stationary distribution of the subcritical contact process

with Franco Arrejoría, Pablo Groisman

Preprint, submitted. pdf arXiv

Diffusive bounds for the critical density of activated random walks

with Amine Asselah, Bruno Schapira

Preprint, submitted. pdf arXiv

Activated Random Walks on Zd

Preprint, submitted. pdf arXiv

Soliton decomposition of the Box-Ball System

with Pablo A.Ferrari, Chi Nguyen, Minmin Wang

Preprint, submitted. pdf arXiv

Published papers

Nucleation and Growth in Two Dimensions

with B. Bollobás, S. Griffiths, R. Morris, P. Smith

Random Structures and Algorithms, Online. pdf arXiv

Site Percolation on a Disordered Triangulation of the Square Lattice

Sojourns in Probability and Statistical Physics, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series, v. 299, p. 228-240, 2019. pdf arXiv

Universality and Sharpness in Activated Random Walks

with V. Sidoravicius, O. Zindy

Annales Henri Poincaré - A Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, v. 20, p. 1823-1835, 2019. pdf arXiv

Monotonicity and phase diagram for multi-range percolation on oriented trees

with B. N. B. de Lima, D. Valesin

Random Structures and Algorithms, v. 55, p. 160-172, 2019. pdf arXiv

Sensitivity of the frog model to initial conditions

with T. Johnson

Electronic Communications in Probability, v. 24, n. 29 1-9, 2019. pdf arXiv

Recurrence and Density Decay for Diffusion-Limited Annihilating Systems

with M. Cabezas, V. Sidoravicius

Probability Theory and Related Fields, v. 170, p. 587-615, 2018. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Non-fixation for Biased Activated Random Walks

with L. Tournier

Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré - Probabilités et Statistiques, v. 54, p. 938-951, 2018. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Stability of the Greedy Algorithm on the Circle

with V. Sidoravicius

Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, v. 70, p. 1961-1986, 2017. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Scaling Limit of Subcritical Contact Process

with A. Deshayes

Stochastic Processes and their Applications, v. 127, p. 2630-2649, 2017. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Stochastic Perturbations of Convex Billiards

with R. Markarian, V. Sidoravicius, F. A. Tal, M. E. Vares

Nonlinearity, v. 28, p. 4425-4434, 2015. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Greedy Walk on the Real Line

with S. Foss, V. Sidoravicius

The Annals of Probability, v. 43, p. 1399-1418, 2015. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Subcritical Contact Process Seen from the Edge: Convergence to Quasi-Equilibrium

with E. Andjel, F. Ezanno, P. Groisman

Electronic Journal of Probability, v. 20, n. 32 1-16, 2015. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Yaglom Limit via Holley Inequality

with P. A. Ferrari

Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, v. 29 (special issue celebrating Errico Presutti's 70th birthday), p. 413-426, 2015. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Greedy Clearing of Persistent Poissonian Dust

with V. Sidoravicius, L. Tournier

Stochastic Processes and their Applications, v. 124, p. 3496–3506, 2014. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions: Activated Random Walks at Criticality

with M. Cabezas, V. Sidoravicius

Journal of Statistical Physics v. 155 (special issue in honor of Herbert Spohn), p. 1112-1125, 2014. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Absorbing-State Phase Transition for Driven-Dissipative Stochastic Dynamics on Z

with V. Sidoravicius

Inventiones Mathematicae, v. 188, p. 127-150, 2012. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Fixation for Distributed Clustering Processes

with M. R. Hilário, O. Louidor, C. M. Newman, S. Sheffield, V. Sidoravicius

Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, v. 63, p. 926-934, 2010. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Activated Random Walkers: Facts, Conjectures and Challenges

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The Discrete and Continuum Broken Line Process

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Last Passage Percolation in Macroscopically Inhomogeneous Media

with A. Q. Teixeira

Electronic Communications in Probability, v. 13, p. 131-139, 2008. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Time Dependent Coefficients: Analytical Results

with G. A. Braga, F. Furtado, J. M. Moreira

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The Language LinF for Fractal Specification

with F. M. Q. Pereira, C. G. Rezende, R. R. Carceroni

In: XVI Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 2003, São Carlos.
Proceedings of the SIBIGRAPI 2003, p. 67 - 74. IEEE, 2003. pdf

Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Periodic Coefficients

with G. A. Braga, F. Furtado, J. M. Moreira

SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, v.1, n.4, p.630 - 644, 2003. pdf MathSciNet arXiv

Lecture Notes and Simulations


com B. N. B. de Lima

Livro. pdf

Measure Theory for Probability

Lecture notes. pdf

Honors Linear Algebra

Methods to find a Jordan basis. 2020. pdf
Finding a Jordan basis for a nilpotent operator. 2020. pdf
PLU Factorization. 2019. pdf

Simulations of several particle systems done with my students